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Wet Styling

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Wet styling is the easiest and most effective way to manipulate your curls into the precise look you want to achieve. When your hair is completely soaked, it is never frizzy and your curls always look great – no matter how frizzy, damaged or out of control they may be. That’s because the hair cuticles are filled with moisture. Frizzy hair cuticles are raised, which means they do not absorb enough moisture.

So what exactly does water do for your curly hair? It provides support. Water has the perfect viscosity necessary to control curly hair. When your curls are soaking wet, you can totally control them and create any style that you’d like. Eventually, you will be able to control the tightest, kinkiest or frizziest hair with ease. Some curly hair is so thick that you almost have to squeeze the water into your hair to make sure it is wet enough. It’s important that your curls are dripping wet before you begin the styling process. By taking advantage of the control and support provided by water, and using our techniques and products, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect, frizz free curls that you’ve been searching for.

Curl Keeper® will duplicate the same control and support that water provides, without ever having the look or feel of product in your hair when dried. The wetter your hair is, the easier it will be to distribute Curl Keeper® throughout the hair. Silk Leave In Conditioner will soften and control all of the rougher, stubborn, frizziest sections of your hair that may require extra effort.

The combination of our products blend together, leaving your hair feeling as clean as possible. The best part is that our formulas reactivate with water, making it possible for all curly heads to embrace humidity!