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Which Shampoo is right for me?

Treating curly hair means walking a tightrope between moisture and strength. Some curly hair needs more moisture than strength and visa versa. That's why I came up with two shampoos. Curly hair needs both strength and moisture. Silk Shampoo restores moisture to curly hair. Treatment Shampoo provides strength.

At different times, and under different conditions, your hair has different needs. During Canadian winters, indoor heating drives moisture out of your hair, making some curly hair uncontrollable. In summer, hot muggy conditions require advanced frizz control.

The success of chemical services to curly hair depends on the strength of the products used. Research proved that Treatment Shampoo will dramatically improve the condition of the hair and will prolong colours or perms.

We created Silk Shampoo and Treatment Shampoo with the help of input from the Curly Hair Club. These products contain mega doses of essential ingredients that we have researched over the past 10 years. All types of curly hair will benefit from these shampoos and they can be used safely on a daily basis.