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Winterize Your Hair

During the cold winter months indoor heating sucks excess moisture out of the air, and your hair. Looser curls and waves start to easily straighten and hairstyles flatten. An important step in adding volume is not to wait too long before you start diffusing your curls. Bending over forward and hanging your hair over forward while squeezing your hair upwards will help tighten looser curls creating volume. Using a diffuser during this process will help speed up drying time without disturbing the curls. The more you play with the curls the bigger the hairstyle. Keep in mind Curl Keeper will control the frizz, do not be afraid to play or overwork your curls. If some frizz appears simply reactivate the Curl Keeper by running wet hands over the frizzy area. For added support to hold volume throughout the day distribute our Gel on top of the Curl Keeper

Winter Hair Tip : Use a Humidifier in the room where you sleep at night. This will moisturize the air and you will see a noticeable improvement to your hair and skin.