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Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper – 1 oz Sample LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It is a very liquid silicone-free gel treatment/styling product that can be used alone or before your other products. For me, it tames the frizz somewhat, helps define my curls, but most importantly doesn’t leave my hair greasy, crunchy or stiff; and NO residue at all! I still add a little mousse, but not as much as I would without using this product first. What I really like it for are the days I am just at home, my hair is tamed a bit, but still soft and prepared in case I need to do something with it. It also has a water-based reactivating formula that is good for everyday use and in between washing, and you can reactivate the product with just a little water. Though I haven’t tested that last claim yet. Oh and it smells oh so nice, but I can’t really pinpoint the scent, best guess a light black current/jasmine tea type scent. Full Size Value: $46 (33.8 oz), $17.50 (8 oz), $9.99 (3.38 oz)