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Ocean air creates bounce and volume to hair by deepening the ''S'' formation of each curl. RevUp! Volumizing System is packed full of body building energizers that attract moisture in the air which is essential for creating extra bounce to your hair.

About the Volumizing Shampoo The Shampoo A gentle sulfate free formula, adds volume to your hair with curl building energizers.

About the Volumist Adds extreme volume with the same invigorating energizing effects ocean air has on hair.

To be honest, I'm not sure my hair qualifies as "curly" anymore. When I was younger I had natural wavy curls that helped keep some body in my hair, but also gave my hair a bad attitude on most days. One side would cooperate with curling iron or straightening, but the other had a mind of its' own and would do whatever it felt like regardless of what I tried.

Now, I still have some attitude issues with my hair but not nearly as much, and most of my natural curl is gone but still some striving to survive. With RevUp Shampoo, my curls seemed to pop back to life like I haven't seen in a long while - at least without a perm! I was able to scrunch and curl my hair and KEEP body and curl in my hair nearly all day long - most of the time my hair usually falls flat by afternoon, but not with RevUp! Now, I can only imagine how much volume and body those with lots of Curly Hair would get from using RevUp!

I went to the website to check the product out more and found something fun! Curly Hair Solutions has Starter Kits for a variety of Curl Styles - from Loose, to Medium to Tight Curls!. . .