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Roller Jaw Clamps

Secures Curls While Providing Lift at the Root

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Recommended Curl Type:

  • Loose Curl
  • Medium Curl
  • Tight Curl
  • Kinky Curl
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    12 Roller Jaw Clamps Per Pack

    Roller Jaw Clamps will secure curls while providing lift at the root allowing for a bouncier more luscious curl. Flat hair is caused by water in the hair weighing it down. The wetter the hair, the more weight there is pulling the curls down, making it difficult for looser curls to have bounce. These clamps will provide a full looking, bouncy style that solves the unwanted flat hairstyles. The Roller Jaw Clamps allow curls to stay in their natural formation without squishing them down. The claws support large sections of hair without destroying curl formation. They are very easy to use and are extremely durable.

    Here are step by step instructions on a technique using the Roller Jaw Clamps that we call "Picasso Pin Curls". First we need the hair clean, wet and detangled with Curl Keeper® applied from roots to ends. Clean sections make it easier to identify the areas needing the most attention. First take a section of wet hair, bend it in half by holding the ends and reducing tension. Twist that section of hair down to the scalp. Hold in place and support with the Roller Jaw Clamp. Even sections ensure a balanced hairstyle. Once you have attached all the clamps you are using, allow the hair to dry for as long as you can. This will ensure a tighter set. To speed up drying time use a Hot Sock diffuser or Bonnet Hood dryer with Roller Jaw Clamps in place.

    (No returns on Roller Jaw Clamps)
Videos & Tips
    • Can be used on wet or dry hair
    • Teeth open extremely wide allowing you to group large sections of hair
    • Rinse off with water to ensure long life


    • Prevents the weight of wet hair from loosening the curls
    • Supports and creates volume at the roots
    • Wide teeth prevents from destroying curl formation
    • Gentle on scalp
    • Helps to keep curls off the face
    • Light weight and easy to clean

    10 Result(s)

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    1. A Must-Have! Review by Bleuschat

      The roller jaw clamps are amazing! I tried two other brands before I got these, and there is a difference. A big difference! I have thick, medium-long 3B curls with 3A thrown on top for "fun". I use the roller clamps to clip up the top half of my wet hair to help it dry faster, plus the clamps give me extra volume on top. In addition, they help the lazier 3A curls to form better curls. For second and third-day hair, I wet my hands and lather up small amounts of the Curl Keep Gel and scrunch it in, then clip it up with a few of these to help the curls do their thing. They are a must-have for my now-easy hair routine! I also appreciate getting 12 in a pack, as when I clip all my hair up, as I do sometimes, I need them all!

    2. I have 3 sets Review by Kimberlin

      I have long fine hair that can have great curl IF the perfect combo of weather, product, and skill converge, haha. These don't catch in your hair like the ones in the store with smaller teeth. The thicker your hair, the easier these are to use. Use a mirror for placement in the back, I have learned. I have three sets I divided by color so I can have a set in my travel bag plus one at home.

      Mine have lasted years, but I am always afraid they will be discontinued, so maybe I need to buy a few more! I am surprised more stylists don't stock these. I'd love to see more colors.

      Tip: I sometimes mist a little light hairspray or curl mist on my hair before clipping it up.

    3. Do not work for fine hair Review by Heather

      These quickly slid out of my fine wet hair and made it flat. They do hold in dry hair but I needed something for styling wet hair, the little ones from the drug store work better.

    4. Love them! Review by Frances

      When I first saw these clips I thought what is so special about them, I can use any clip. Well I was wrong. I ordered them just to give it a try and I don't know what these clips have but they are amazing. I clip around 6 of them at the crown and side of my head and I get an amazing lift. I usually put it on my dry hair while I get dressed and just having them in for 10 minutes makes such a big difference. A trick I'd like to share is to put gel on the teeth of the clip and then clip on your hair, I do this on day 3 and day 4 and my curls are still fresh and voluminous.

    5. Review by Jessica

      These are just hair clips. That is literally all they are. And when I used them I had an epic mess atop my head for the rest of the day. It probably suits medium curls better than loose curls.

    6. great for volume Review by Elizabeth

      These clips are great for adding some much needed volume to my hair.

    7. love these little guys Review by Corey

      I saw this online and watched a tutorial on how to use these, and so glad i ordered some. My hair is really long and gets weighed down at the roots, i just pop these guys in when hair is 80% dry and let it dry naturally the rest of the way, what a difference it makes! Poof - all around beautiful curls! A must have!!

    8. Excellent! Could not live without these now! Review by Kerry

      Wow! These make such a difference! I am so glad I gave them a try! My hair always looked flat on the top of my head because of my curls weighing it down. I now put about 6 of these at the top of my hair once I have blow dried it and let them sit in their while I put on my make-up. I take them out and I have all kinds of height up top. A few sprays of hairspray and gorgeous! I love them. Watch the video on this website of how to use them too. That helps!

    9. Roller Jaw clamps to the rescue! Review by Melinda

      These clamps work wonders in my heavy, fine loose curl hair by allowing me to create lift and volume while allowing the loose curls to form. I use them everyday to encourage curl as well as add volume at the crown. My hair takes a very long time to dry, so I use the sock diffuser at least until partially dry. I also use them to restore height on 2nd and third day hair. If you need volume or a way to support curl while your hair dries. give these life savers a try. I've tried many other kinds of clamps, but none of them protect curl and add volume where needed like these babies do.

    10. Help create volume Review by Bertha

      I use most of the products so when I have Curl Keeper in my hair while its still wet I put the clips in but I only need 4 or 5 to get volume on the top. If it's summer time I will leave it for 15 mins or so to air dry a bit and in the winter I will put them in and then diffuse with them in my hair to get my hair surface dry. I get great lift where I need.

    10 Result(s)

    per page

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