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Beauty Industry Report
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Over the past fifteen years in the beauty industry we have witnessed the changing face of business as we know it. The hair world, once strictly divided between professional and retail products, is now sharing a common sphere with the professional and retail worlds overlapping more and more.

This is apparent not only with how manufacturers look at their distribution chains but also with beauty stores and retailers merging brands from both ends of the spectrum, professional and retail lines are now side by side on store shelves. There are many different strategies that have allowed for such integration. We see stores having both separate professional and retail sections within the same store. Other strategies show the overlap even more clearly as those brands sit next to each other with no regard for conventional grading that was once upheld with the highest order.

The key for brands and stores alike is catering to what the consumer ultimately wants, ensuring your products are readily available in the most convenient locations where the largest audience of consumers shop.

Another major factor that has dominated the industry is the emergence of online retailers creating another dimension and level of sales. This platform allows for selling on multiple channels, and has little regard for conventional ethical selling practices. Consumer buying habits reveal shopping online as an expedient and effortless way to get the products consumers want at a simple click. Using statistics and customer buying behaviors has allowed online retailers to gain an advantage over brick and mortar stores which has resulted in on line retailers showing extremely positive growth results.

It's an exciting time within the beauty industry with so many things rapidly changing. It's all about strategy and positioning your brand in order to get the customers attention. Social media and digital marketing take on a large portion of where brands now focus their attention while still keeping an eye on traditional and other forms of media.

Curl Keeper® is an emerging and constantly developing brand going into the retail space and learning from years of development and market research. We have positioned ourselves as a curly hair brand for all curl types, from a loose wave to an extremely kinky curl and all hair textures that fall in between. Thus pushing us to the forefront of the multicultural sections on retail shelves as the trend is now moving from ethnic to multicultural. Our unique formulas and extremely effective products boast impressive results, Curl Keeper® represents embracing curly hair as a lifestyle and the message that “There’s a style for every curl”.